Trailer Accumulating Chain Conveyor | Renown MH

Renown Materials Handling has more than thirty years of experience in the design, manufacture and commissioning of integrated conveyor systems installed in trailers.

These are conveyors installed into the back of trucks and trailers and is an ideal solution for rapid loading and unloading, as well as point to point delivery of items.

We provide cost-effective conveyor solutions for trailers that offer both reliability and efficiency.

Made bespoke for the client’s requirements, we can provide systems suited for both smaller items and larger items.

Accumulating Chain

These are conveyors consisting of aluminium extrusions supported by a fabricated constructed framework.

They offer a great deal of flexibility, as well as offering low noise and low pallet wear.

Accumulating chains are suitable for a maximum load of 6000kg per drive.

Chain to Chain

These are typically more heavy duty conveyor systems and are typically tiered, ideal for those with larger trailers needing a significant amount of capacity.

Driven by geared motors, chain to chain systems are beneficial for those wanting to rapidly load trailers for delivery.

The design of the conveyor system and its typical usage means that it is usually required to be bolted into the vehicle for security and safety.

Tangential Drive Chain

The rollers are linked chain to chain with a third roller. This arrangement is used to create room for an idler sprocket. The idler takes the load applied by the chain as the conveyor is loading, which would otherwise be taken by the first roller.

The conveyor system is typically bolted to the trailer with a plywood floor mounted on the cross-members, carrying aluminium sections mounted between the rollers. These form a floor arrangement, allowing pedestrians access to the conveyor area.

Turnkey packages can be provided which includes design, manufacture, installation, commissioning, servicing, full control systems and bespoke pallets & tooling.