Roller Conveyor

Roller Conveyor | Renown MH

A robust roller conveyor which is designed for handling high loads. The rollers can be accumulating or fixed drive at speeds up to 30 m/min.

The Roller Conveyor system is ideally suited for the marshalling and distribution of products or for manufacturing applications in arduous environments such as robotic welding lines.

The system is flexible in the range of goods and components it can transport, including platens, pallets, bins, boxes, cartons and drums of various sizes.


  • Accumulating rollers.
  • Fixed drive rollers.
  • Enclosed drive.
  • Can operate at variable speeds.
  • Constructed from mild steel, stainless steel or aluminium.
  • Conveyor fitted with adjustable feet.


  • Loads up to 50kg per roller.
  • Loads up to 750 kg per roller.
  • Improved safety and protects against oil, water or dust ingress.
  • Work stations can be easily incorporated into the system.
  • Robust system and depending on material, suitable for clean environments.
  • Conveyor height can be adjusted without unbolting from the floor.

Technical Specification

Load RangeLoads up to 3500 kg
Speed RangeUp to 30 m/min
Accumulating Pressure2-5%
Max load per driveUp to 3500 kg
FrameRobust mild steel, stainless steel or aluminium construction.
Direction ChangesChain cross transfers, conveyor turntables, conveyor lifts, conveyor shuttles and powered roller bends.
StopsMechanical escapements, blade stops and pneumatic stopper cylinders.
Platen / pallet positioning.Lift locates to +/- 0.1mm.

Turnkey packages can be provided which includes design, manufacture, installation, commissioning, servicing, full control systems and bespoke pallets & tooling.