Trailer Conveyors supplied to Lear Corporation

June 26, 2017

Lear Corporation required 2 new trailer conveyors to add to their fleet.

The trailer conveyor is designed to transport seat despatch pallets and seat assemblies between the seat manufacturing plant and the customer manufacturing plant. The loaded pallets are carried on a five lane accumulating conveyor system specifically designed for mounting into the particular trailer body.

The pallets are stored 27 front seat left hand, 27 front seat right hand and 27 rear seat pallets.

An umbilical cable connects the trailer to the land based conveyor control system. It provides power to the conveyor drive motors and control signals for the rear stops and cam lift.

The trailer chassis is fitted with a location bar, which interfaces with a floor mounted docking mechanism. This positions the trailer accurately to the conveyor system.

The conveyor chain is a ¾” pitch accumulating triplex roller chain. Rollers are fitted at 38mm pitch, each roller having a 20kg load capacity. The rollers give low noise and low pallet wear. Accumulation pressure is approximately 2% of vertical load on chain.



Each lane is also fitted with one stop assembly (7 in total). The stop consists of a pivoting stop arm, a pneumatic cylinder and a spring. These are mounted in a fabricated frame that is bolted to a stop bracket. The stop arm is raised by spring force and is lowed pneumatically.


Each lane is fitted with one cam lift assembly (7 in total). The cam lift consists of a cam lift assembly, a pneumatic cylinder, pilot operated flow control/lock valve, flow control, channel and rubber top. These are mounted on the conveyor extrusion.


From receipt of the empty trailer body the conveyors were installed and then the trailer was delivered to the customer.