Front Seat Assembly Line for Tacle Seating

September 26, 2016

Tacle (Lear) needed an additional Front Seat Assembly Line for the additional volume of seats for their customer.

The conveyor system, as supplied, is specifically designed for the assembly of units on purpose built seat pallets.


A twin tier medium duty accumulating chain conveyor, fitted with stops and anti-rollback latches on the upper (working) tier to provide operator work stations. The lower (return) tier returns the empty pallets to the start of the assembly process and is fitted with two stops.

Two lifts, one at each end of the conveyor system, to transfer pallets between the upper and lower tiers.

A single tier rework conveyor runs along the side of two of the stations with cross transfer assemblies.

Pneumatic supply is catered for by the provision of a steel airline running the length of the conveyor. A shut-off valve is provided at each stop location allowing isolation of each station for maintenance purposes.

The conveyors consist of aluminium extrusions supported by fabricated constructed legs. The  extrusions incorporate ultra high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWP) chain support guides.

Longitudinal “T” slots run the length of the extrusion for sensor and bracket location, giving complete positional flexibility.

The conveyor chain is a ¾” pitch accumulating triplex roller chain. Rollers are fitted at 38mm pitch, each roller having a 20kg load capacity. The rollers give low noise and low pallet wear.

284263632-ass accum chain complete 02

Accumulation pressure is approximately 2% of vertical load on chain.

Double Acting Stopper cylinder (added spring extend to ensure cylinder stays in the up position if there is air loss) are fitted along the conveyor at assembly points.

There are 12 Assembly Stop Position with a manual ball valve that supplies a bulkhead plate with the following connections at each stop there is also 2 positions on the rework spur.

There are two Rectus type series 19 couplings at each station for air operated tools.