Acumen Automotive Logistics for Adient Seating UK Ltd (Formally Johnson Controls)

June 26, 2017

Adient required 3 trailer conveyors with a more robust design of roller conveyor than their present trailer conveyors.

We offered them a chain to chain roller conveyor.

The trailer conveyor is designed to transport seat despatch pallets and seat assemblies between the seat manufacturing plant and the vehicle manufacturing plant. The loaded pallets are carried on a two-tier roller bed conveyor system specifically designed for mounting into the particular vehicle trailer.

The pallet weights are 60kg empty and 160kg loaded.

The pallets are stored in three rows on each of the two levels (24 pallets per level). Each row is fitted with four pallet stop assemblies (24 stop assemblies in total). The returning empty pallets are carried in stacks on the lower conveyor only.

The heavy duty flanged and non flanged rollers are driven chain to chain and each lane is driven separately by a 3 phase 400V SEW geared motor, therefore three geared motor assemblies on each tier, using 5/8” simplex chain.

The roller conveyor is driven by a geared motor via a simplex chain assembly which drives the first roller. Simplex chain loops run roller to roller down the length of the conveyor as shown below.

Each deck is fitted with 12 stop assemblies (24 in total). The stop consists of a pivoting stop arm, a pneumatic cylinder and a spring. These are mounted in a fabricated frame that is bolted to the rear cross-member. The stop arm is raised by spring force and is lowed pneumatically.


From receipt of the empty trailer body the conveyors were installed and then the trailer was delivered to the customer.


During loading of the vehicle the stop arm is lowered. When all the pallets are fully loaded into the vehicle, the stop arms are raised.

The stops are operated by a mechanical pneumatic hand valve located in the electrical enclosure on the outside of the trailer.

Pneumatic switches are used on each stop for the up and down positions, (please note we are monitoring all stops in the up and down positions 48 switches in total).